Senior Team

Senior Team

Jonathan Palmer

Jonathan Palmer is the Chief Executive of MotorSport Vision (MSV). He founded the business after racing in Formula 1 for six years, mostly with Tyrrell. Still very hands on, Jonathan works full time in every area from leading the management team to regularly visiting all the circuits to ensure the highest standards are maintained.

Lisa Davis

Lisa Davis joined MSV as Jonathan Palmer’s PA in 1993 and after 10 years became General Manager with responsibilities including quality and cost control across the business.

Giles Butterfield

Giles Butterfield joined MSV in 1998 and is the Group Operations and Engineering Manager, responsible for all civil and mechanical engineering operations across the business. He ensures day to day activities run smoothly at all the MSV circuits and oversees the GB3 and GB4 championships.

Simon MacDonald

Simon MacDonald, MSV's Group Legal Affairs Manager, has been with the company for 14 years and as well as being responsible for all legal matters is heavily involved in MSV property acquisitions and tenant leases.

Stuart Higgs

Stuart Higgs is Series Director of the MSV owned British Superbike championship (BSB), which is by far the most successful national motorcycle championship in the world. He manages all aspects of the championship, from commercial partnerships through to the operation of the events themselves.

Tristan Harris

Tristan Haris, Group Head of Sales and Marketing, held a junior role in the former Brands Hatch business when MSV acquired it in 2004. He now leads the commercial activities across all circuits in the MSV Group.